Stica Academy is the first academy in the world to train guides on how to conduct virtual tours around the world, combined with original travel products. We've done a really hard job to ensure you have the opportunity to discover the fascinating world of virtual tourism.

We want to make the World a better place!

At STICA Academy we want to make a difference. A difference not only for your experiance of an amazing virtual travel around the World, but also a difference to the World in which we are living — as an individual human being and as a society.

STICA World Care Program

Our Mission

As part of our vision to make the World a better place, we have initiated the STICA World Care Program which constantly is expanding and refined. The STICA World Care Program is based on the United Nation´s 17 Goals to Transform Our World.
Those 17 Sustainable Development Goals are a call for action by people in all countries – poor, rich and middle-income – to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. They recognize that ending poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies that build economic growth and address a range of social needs including education, health, social protection, and job opportunities, while tackling climate change and environmental protection. More important than ever, the goals provide a critical framework for COVID-19 recovery.

The STICA World Care Program works by running several projects on different continents with each project focusing on 1-3 of the UN goals. The program is funded by STICA Virtual Travel Agency by 1 % of all revenue. The STICA World Care Program is an essential part of our vision and it is an integrated part of our core values.

Digitalization & Circular economy

Our Vision

We have incorporated the global wish for more and more digitalization and circular economy into our unique concept of virtual travel — and we have incorporated some of the Unated Nation’s 17 goals to transform our World reasons.

The need for a better global environment.

The world’s most famous museums will be available to you online. Informative tours, quality filming and guides from all over the world who will accompany you through the world’s greatest museums.By giving access to virtual travel all around the Globe our tourists can explore the Word without making any actual physical travelling. The intense use of this concept will reduce the amount of transportation of people through flying, trains,cars etc. A lot of fuel and energy will be saved, and the benefit will be a huge amount of CO2 reduction leading to a cleaner and greenerglobal enviroment. If used correctly and if used by millions of people this will lead to a significant impact on the global warming thus resulting in reduction of the risk of drought, storms, floods etc. Our virtual travel system’s impact on the climate is thereby a contribution to the 13th Goal of the Unated Nation (Climate action).The world’s most famous museums will be available to you online. Informative tours, quality filming and guides from all over the world who will accompany you through the world’s greatest museums.

Increasing availability for tourists to travel

Our virtual travel system increases the availabulity for people around the World to travel. If you are in a distant part of the World, a travel to another continent might seem impossible both regarding time and finance. The inbuild flexibility in our system gives everybody a chance to travel. The cost is significantly lower than actually making a physical trip, and you do not need vaccinations, no worries about COVID-19, jetlag or worries about flight delays or getting stuck in the traffic. Also, no worries about crime or unexpected events at your visit. Our virtual travel system’s impact on the availability to travel is an innovative solution which corresponds to the 9th Goal of the United Nation (Industry, Innovation and infrastructure).

Global community and global knowledge.

We want to show the glory of the World to as many people as possible, by enlightening all of us about nature, cities, culture, history in other countries. In this way we all achieve a higher level of knowledge which puts us in the possession to work together for a better World with no boundaries. By an add-on to the higher availability to travel, we deliver the possibility for both tourists and guides to be part of our global community. Where ever in the World you are, if you are disabled or fit for fight, if you are rich or poor, lonely on the planet or enriched by a crowd of friends and family – everybody can join our community and gain the joy by sharing the passion of life and our amazing blue Earth. Our virtual travel system´s impact on the global knowledge is a contribution to the 4th Goal of the United Nation (Quality education).

Greater wealthe.

By our Virtual Travel Concept, guides all around the World have the possibility with none or a very small investment to catch the opportunity to earn money and achieving a greater wealth. Tourists are able via the system to travel virtually at a low-cost level and by doing this saving money which indirectly greater their wealth, too.
In our Certified STICA Entrepreneur program both distributors and entrepreneurs gain a platform for starting own business and being independent. Without any investment people anywhere on the Globe are free to grab this chance and make an income achieving a greater individual wealth. Thus our virtual travel system´s impact on the greater wealth for our customers and suppliers is a contribution to the 1st Goal of the United Nation (No poverty) in the way that it gives more people the chance for earning or saving money. The system also contributes to the 8th Goal of the United Nation (Decent work and economic growth).

Furthermore, in all our working processes at STICA Academy and Stica Virtual Travel Agency we always rethink how to ensure a circular economy. This includes a widely spread use of digitalization from the sales process to the delivery of our services to our tourists and in the daily work with our certified tour guides.