4 Step Intro for Tourist Guide

You will learn the author’s 4 step-Intro. A well done Intro is your professional online presence and  strong marketing tool. Our method combines e-marketing and traditional marketing.
In the future, a good intro can be used to help, as a business card and as an original job application.

Task 1 - Intro

You should think about your video tour:
– what will you talk about?
– where will it take place?
– think about the locations where you will be filming.
– write the text.

Let’s start with the first step:

 👉 Write your intro.

 👉 Record a video of you saying your intro.

 👉 When you will be recording your video from your phone pay attention to where your camera is and look exactly into it.

 👉 Save your video to your google drive and send us a link to it. Make sure the link is accessible. 👇

Deadline for submission: Tuesday, 19 by 6pm GMT+2 CEST

Good luck! 

Example of Intro