Free Online Course
Virtual Tour Guide 2021

Who is This Course For?

For everyone to prove themselves as a front runner

The aim is to challenge, entertain and test yourself. It is a great opportunity for those who support our initiative: tourism recovery or increase the chances of working after Covid-19

For professionals who are looking for opportunities to develop

For employees in the travel services and products industry who want to know what the work of a guide is like. For students and pupils of tourism, to improve their knowledge of tourism. It is an opportunity to acquire new skills and business contacts.

Completing this course is a chance to work in our international company!

    Course Schedule

    After completing a Free 7-day course with us, you will find out:

    Day 1
    4 Step Intro for Tourist Guide

    Day 2
    Turist Guide Laboratory, Edgar Dale Learning Pyramid

    Day 3
    Live Workshop
    Q&A, Quiz

    Day 4
    11 Tourist Guide tips & Colours Influence

    Day 5
    Law & License

    Day 6
    Create Video Tour

    Day 7
    Disscuss about Your Tour
    Live Webinar

    Course Author and Mentor

    Anita Andziak

    Welcome in Stica Virtual Guide Academy!

    My name is Anita and it is my great pleasure to invite you to participate in our Academy!
    My motto is: Passion shapes the professional. I have been working in the tourism sector for 20 years. I have worked in airports, ferries, cruise ships, travel agencies, tour operators. I was a children's camp leader, a resident, a tour leader. For 12 years I have been a licensed tour leader. This work is my greatest love. Tour operation has shaped my career. I learn tour guiding in many ways, from other guides, books, videos, courses in several countries, seminars, trainings. I am currently completing my PhD on Spatial decision-making of consumers of tourism services. I am currently living in Switzerland and studying Master of Business Administration.
    Start creating your career in tourism with our Academy!
    I'll teach you how to make videos, conduct online tours, and other interesting things. You will meet people from different countries and share your experiences. I promise to give you not only a lot of knowledge, but also unforgettable emotions and a lot of fun!

    What Our Students Say​

    This course is a wonderful work. It inspired me to develop my storytelling skills and try combining them with guiding tours.
    The course is very interesting, with useful material provided. Anita does it very well, she is very polite and professional!.
    Anita’s workshop had helped me a lot to improve my performance. I learned new things and new ideas. it should be continued.

    By taking our Basic Free Online Course: