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4 Step Intro for Tourist Guide

You will learn the author’s 4 step-Intro. A well done Intro is your professional online presence and  strong marketing tool. Our method combines e-marketing and traditional marketing.
In the future, a good intro can be used to help, as a business card and as an original job application.


Turist Guide Laboratory, Edgar Dale Learning Pyramid

The second task is based on the scientific pyramid created in 1946 by Edgar Dayl, PhD. It is a fascinating scientific experiment of an American doctor from Chicago. Instead of passively performing a task, you experience it in the most effective way. The task has been specially tailored for the Stica Virtual Guide Academy. Come with us to our lab and become an Expert in Tour guiding!


6 pm GMT+2 CEST

This day we will have a live meeting! We are happy to meet you ! We will talk about current problems and technical equipment of a tour guide. A virtual tour requires the right equipment! Prepare a good tea and join our meeting! This is a space to exchange thoughts and experiences.


On this day you will receive reading material. The task is specially devoid of voice in order to allow you to fully concentrate. Try it yourself and feel the difference of effective learning. The subject is the law, classification of the profession of a guide and the most important governmental organizations in the world.


Did you know that a holistic approach to managing your work organisation has many positive effects – greater value for your guests? It also reduces costs by reducing errors and imperfections and increases productivity and efficiency ! Interested? Welcome to the World of colours impact and secrets of a tour guide profession.


Sixth day is the day when you will create your first virtual tour. This is the time when you can create and visualize your ideas. The most beautiful job in the world, let your imagination run wild and have fun!


Disscuss Your Tour, Live Webinar

8 pm GMT+2 CEST

EXAMINATION! Today we will meet live. We will grade your work according to the accepted grades and criteria. This is the time to summarise your video and to present you with opportunities for collaboration and for developing your career path!